Our Team

Greg Smith

Greg Smith (
Chief Executive Officer

Greg Smith has over 18 years experience working in the marketing and media industry. Greg was the founder and CEO of Titan Outdoor LLC and its predecessor Outdoor Concepts LLC, which was a full-service out-of-home media company. Greg’s expertise is in developing, financing and implementing different forms of outdoor advertising assets, including billboards, street furniture and non-traditional outdoor advertising. Greg is recognized in the outdoor advertising industry as a pioneer who has helped commercialize many outdoor advertising innovations, including vinyl-wrapped buses, wall spectaculars and telephone kiosks.

Robert Micsak (
Managing Director

Mr. Micsak has 30 years of global business experience, including nearly 10 years in the outdoor advertising sector. He was the Executive Vice President and General Counsel with CBS Outdoor, Inc., and its predecessor, Viacom Outdoor Inc.. During Mr. Micsak's tenure at CBS/Viacom Outdoor, it was the largest outdoor advertising company in North America, involved in the broadest array of outdoor advertising activities around the globe, including billboards, street furniture, walls, spectaculars, transit systems and non-traditional advertising assets. He was a key part of the team that was responsible for the turnaround, growth and operational activities at Viacom Outdoor. Immediately prior to joining Allvision Mr. Micsak was in private law practice at Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP in Denver, where he represented outdoor advertising companies, as well as those providing goods and services to the outdoor advertising industry. Mr. Micsak is a seasoned outdoor advertising professional who well understands the legal, development, permitting, finance and real estate components of the business.

Blair Murdoch (
President, Allvision Canada

Blair Murdoch leads and manages Allvision’s business development efforts in Canada and works on overall strategic planning for Allvision. Prior to joining Allvision, Blair spent 16 years developing CBS Outdoor (formerly known as Viacom Outdoor and Mediacom). Blair was responsible for all of the company’s Canadian real estate transactions, including leasing, acquisitions and transit franchise development. Blair also completed over 15 company/asset acquisitions, totaling more than $175 million. Mr. Murdoch is a member of the Canadian Institute of Planners and is a registered professional planner.

Scott Andel, CPA (
Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer

Scott Andel has an extensive background in both the accounting and outdoor advertising professions and has worked for the last 13 years in outdoor advertising and finance. Scott is responsible for overseeing Allvision’s financial interests and developing opportunities for growth. Previously, Scott managed the financial and operational interests for Prime Outdoor Group, helping grow company from a start-up to a company with billboard assets in 10 states with nearly 1,700 billboard faces. Scott is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants.

James Manfredi (
Vice President, Eastern Division

James Manfredi is a third generation sign builder who has over 10 years experience in the out-of-home industry. Prior to joining Allvision James was the Real Estate Manager for Titan Outdoor. During tenure at Titan, James doubled the size of Titan’s billboard inventory in New York. James expertise is in developing and building new locations.

Alex Belenson (
Vice President Business Development

Alex Belenson has 17 years outdoor advertising sales, marketing and business development experience, including developing and managing public advertising franchises covering bus, rail, billboard, furniture, and digital media assets. He spent the first ten years of his career inside the transit and outdoor divisions of the predecessor companies of CBS Outdoor developing advertising programs and managing sales and marketing functions. Prior to joining Allvision, Alex consulted with transit authorities and government agencies to restructure, develop, and expand their traditional and digital out-of-home advertising assets, successfully balancing public and private interests to develop public benefit programs and create long-term value and revenue streams, and co-founded a small-business oriented digital signage solutions company.