The team at Allvision is comprised of industry professionals who are both passionate about the out-of-home industry, and exceedingly good at what they do. The combined expertise found in this team rivals the industry's best, but it's their strategic planning, innovative spirit, and dedication to always improve that sets them apart.


Brandon Newman has been a verified leader in the out-of-home industry for over 20 years. As an executive across numerous companies, Brandon has developed a tactical presence that pushes the industry to embrace change and hold a 'big-picture' mentality. 


With nearly 20 years as an entrepreneur, a board member, and as an executive in Canadian and international organizations, there's not much Christopher can't do. As a leader in real estate and business development, he has a proven record of creating successful partnerships with verified results.  

He's also quite good at hockey.


We're always looking for the best people to join our team. If you, or anybody you know shares a premier industry attitude, we want to hear from you.

“An idea can turn to magic or dust, depending on the talent that rubs against it” – Bill Bernbach